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Engaging The Next Generation of Learners IN ORDER TO ATTRACT GEN-Y/ MILLENNIALS, ORGANIZATIONS TODAY MUST RE-EXAMINE THEIR APPROACH TO LEARNING. BY JERRY ROCHE I f Tom Kalinske had his way, companies already would be adapting their learning and training programs to the newest generation of workers: Generation Y, born between 1980 and 2000 (aka Millennials). It's also the largest generation to come along since the Baby Boomers. Generally speaking, members of the Gen-Y/Millennial group are: >> ambitious, confdent, hopeful and goaloriented; >> wired, accessing information 24/7 through the Internet, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace and other social networks; >> well educated; >> technologically sophisticated; >> social volunteers; >> efective multi-taskers; 30 October / November 2013 Elearning! >> >> good communicators; and globally aware. "We are in the middle of an educational revolution," says Kalinske, chairman of Global Education Learning and former CEO of LeapFrog, Knowledge Universe, Sega, Matchbox and Mattel. "Knowledge has become a currency, as valuable as money in the wallet. We are moving toward personalized knowledge portfolios and adaptive personalized content (APC) for all." WHAT'S NEXT-GEN? Employers already are beginning to tap into resources from the Millennials to help replace the aging workforce. Not only will the next generation help to fll positions lef behind by retiring Boomers, but their upbringing allows them to bring a fresh, new perspective to the workplace, adding to their value. But Millennials are also very demanding. Tey don't hesitate to ask employers to go beyond traditional compensation and benefts to create an environment that is creative, challenging, team-oriented, fun, and

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