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20 September / October 2014 Elearning! upscaling technology >> Cricket employees didn't have corporate email addresses; in the store, most had access only to mobile phones. >> Cricket store reps would be the merger's primary "customer ambassadors." Terefore, it was critical that they could positively present the acquisition's bene- fts to customers, answer their questions fully, and handle required transactions smoothly. >> Training had to be cost efcient. Cricket dealers would not be charged for any merger-related training. >> Training also had to encompass approx- imately 1,500 Cricket customer support representatives employed by multiple call center providers. THE ROLE OF SOCIAL NETWORKING Since the subsidiary's inception in 2013, Aio's culture had always emphasized the importance of mobile technology as part of day-to-day business. Cheryl Milejczak, communications manager for Aio Wire- less and now Cricket Wireless, knew early on that she wanted to introduce a two-way communication channel into the company, a channel that would allow people to ofer feedback, ask questions, and directly help co-workers. Milejczak and the Aio team evaluated several networking options. Critical re- quirements included Android compatibil- ity, excellent support, cost efciency and an easy-to-use, familiar interface. Employees also wouldn't need an email address in or- der to use the tool. In November 2013, the Aio team launched a pilot of Shout!, a social net- working tool based on Intellum's Tribe ofering. Shout! was launched enterprise- wide in January 2014. Te team used it for a variety of feld-related communications, from breaking news on network outages to product updates and sales promotions. Employees were encouraged to use it to ask questions and to share helpful hints and re- sources that colleagues would fnd helpful. Milejczak admits she was a little nervous prior to the network's launch: "I was pretty sure our employees would use the network in a professional way while still having fun. But, we didn't know for sure. Also, I wasn't sure my team would be able to support the volume of trafc." As it turned out, the adoption of Shout! went very smoothly. Te positive Aio rollout gave the team confdence to make Shout! an integral part of the Cricket merger initiative. Cricket employees and other personnel involved in the merger were given access to it almost immediately afer the acquisition. "Because Cricket dealer employees had no way to receive direct company commu- nications before, Shout! was immediately seen as a positive resource," says Milejczak. "Usage exploded. Shout! lets us push out important communications and materials to all employees in the feld. It's immediate; there's no delay and no risk of the informa- tion being fltered or perhaps not delivered at all," Milejczak continues. "Plus, it gives employees a way to ask questions and pro- vide feedback, which is especially impor- tant for remote workers." When the team has an important message that needs to be highlighted for a period of time, a "sticky note" can be pinned to the top of conversa- tion for as long as needed. As part of the merger initiative, Shout! tribes were set up for Cricket store reps, third-party customer support personnel, Cheryl Milejczak, Communications Manager, Cricket Wireless

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