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22 September / October 2014 Elearning! is also optimized for mobile access. During the merger initiative, employ- ees were directed to these resources through postings in Shout!, which is seamlessly integrated with the Cricket LMS. Employees could simply click on a link and they would be automatically directed to the appropriate resource in the Cricket Knowledge Base. As the merger training rolled out, Aio team members closely monitored Shout! to see where training reinforcement might be needed. "Te postings and questions on social media gave us valuable insights. For instance, if we saw recurring questions re- garding a particular topic or issue, we could jump in and schedule an ad hoc webinar to provide more guidance," says Dayton. "In my world, it's common to look at metrics such as call durations, frst-call resolution, and overall satisfaction and indicators of training success. But Shout! was an excel- lent, real-time indicator of how the merger training was working." COLLABORATION STARTS AT THE TOP Randolph is quick to praise the team- work of all involved in the merger train- ing. "We're a small but mighty team," she says. "Because we work so closely to- gether, we've never developed silos and we naturally keep each other informed and aligned." Interviews for this article surfaced many specifc examples of teamwork: taking turns monitoring Shout! during of hours for urgent problems; proactively working together to ensure a product update is ac- curately refected in all training resources; collaborating to create content and tools that could be easily and efciently custom- ized for sales or customer support. "Collaboration has to start at the top," Randolph says. "You can't expect employees to collaborate and support each other if you don't set an example for them. We're proud of contributing to the building camaraderie we've seen throughout Cricket nationwide over the last few months." —Linda Galloway is president of insidHR Communications. upscaling technology In the fall of 2013, Aio selected Intellum's Tribe to use as a networking, information sharing and communication tool for the enterprise. Tribe was rolled out in January 2014, just a few short months before the announcement of the pending acquisition of Cricket Wireless. With several months of experience under their belts, Randolph's team had the conf- dence to make Tribe (branded internally as Shout!) a critical component of the merger training initiative. Unlike other social tools, Tribe is built around activity streams, which capture posts as well as documents, Web pages, videos, and other materials that Tribe members want to share. A Pinterest-like view of all shared information, coupled with easy-to-use search flters, makes searching for resources efcient. Tribe members are invited to participate in a tribe; there are no following or ranking fea- tures which prevents participation from turning into a popularity contest. Additionally, de- tailed analytics that show trending topics, most active users, peak activity times and more provide actionable insights. For instance, during the merger, the merger team monitored questions and topics to identify ad hoc training needs that were covered in webinars. Today, approximately 21,000 Cricket Wireless personnel — from in-store sales reps to support reps to various management teams — use Tribe for ongoing collaboration and communication. TRIBE: SCALING TO MEET THE MERGER CHALLENGE Qioni Green, Associate Director of Training, Cricket Wireless 'You can't expect employees to collaborate and support each other if you don't set an example.' —Michelle Randolph

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