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Elearning! September / October 2014 25 THE GROUND-BREAKING WEB-BASED ORGANIZATION FINDS CORPORATE LEARNERS OF ALL AGES SHUN TIME-CONSUMING, NON-RELEVANT CONTENT. BY LINDA GALLOWAY Personally, I'm sick of reading about the special learning styles of Millennials. Of course, each workforce generation has different work attitudes, values and motivators — shaped by factors such as the economic environment and major life events. But, come on: Millennials don't have special brains that somehow make them learn in ways different from the rest of us. So when I see an article tying the use of social tools, video, curated content and other "new" learning approaches to Millen- nial workers, I want to hurl my Olivetti at the wall. (Just kidding, LOL.) Te truth is, corporate learning would be rapidly evolving even without the infux of young employees. Rapid business change, with demands for faster time to productivity. Increased emphasis on value workers and customer service. Smarter, richer technology expe- riences at our fingertips. 24x7 connectiv- ity. These influencers impact the learning needs and expectations of all employees — from 25 to 65. They also impact the business's perception of training and de- velopment. The corporate "Millearnnial" audience is composed of technically savvy work- ers of all ages who shun page-turner content, clunky interfaces and irrelevant courses. They've got smartphones in their pockets and, most likely, a com- puter or tablet at home. They respond to consumer-like, media-rich, highly relevant learning experiences. And they want answers and guidance on the spot, just like they can get at home to figure out how to adjust bike brakes or find a hotel for an upcoming trip. Employees Managerial expectations include speedy, point-of-need delivery; cost efciency; and high relevancy.

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