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Elearning! September / October 2014 27 to entertainment to technology. Each requires extensive knowledge and up- to-date information. >> Time, or lack thereof. "Our employees are very busy. Every minute of training is time that could be spent doing other things, so we have to maximize the val- ue of every training minute," says Floyd. >> A company culture steeped in collabo- ration and sharing. "Our mission is to connect the world," says Floyd. "Tere- fore, social networking is part of our company's DNA." Floyd is part of a dedicated training team that includes Troy Avidano, the team's LMS administrator, as well as a handful of con- tractors and several vendor partners to de- liver all sales training programs. While the team may be small, its accomplishments push the boundaries of traditional training and technology. According to Floyd and Avidano, the team seeks out vendors who understand the company's culture and its emphasis on innovation and are willing to go the extra mile to adapt their technolo- gies accordingly. For instance, in March 2014, the team rolled out an online training program for the sales organization. The program incorporates 40 customized learning courses in six areas specific to Facebook solutions. All content was developed in- ternally or customized. Avidano worked with Intellum, the provider of Facebook's corporate LMS, to support a unique ap- proach to the learning. The LMS was en- hanced to "serve up" quizzes in advance of courses, to reset the quizzes each time they're taken by a specific employee, and to map quiz questions to Articulate- created learning resources. The result is a program that offers a personalized ex- perience for each employee, regardless of his or her experience. "As you'd expect, we're a big proponent of tribal learning and capitalizing on our internal subject-matter experts," says Floyd. "We want to do everything we can to help our people learn faster and have fun while doing it." THE MILLEARNNIAL TRAINING ORGANIZATION "Te major motivators for a learning or- ganization today should be agility, speed and fexibility," says Todd Tauber, vice president for learning and development research at Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP. "All employees regardless of age are looking for bite-sized learning ofered up in ways that align with their own learning styles. "The only way a learning organiza- tion will be able to keep up is by shifting more toward informal learning, by le- veraging internal subject experts, and by depending more on employees to share knowledge and provide peer guidance." Tauber points out that Bersin by Deloitte research shows that social and mobile technologies are factoring significantly into training investment plans. "We'll likely see a steady stream of inno- vation — both in terms of technology and in leading practices — over the next two to three years as organizations make this next shif, " says Tauber. It's interesting to note that Tauber's time- line neatly coincides with the entry of the next workforce generation, yet to be ofcial- ly named. Regardless of what they're called — 2Kers, Selfes, iGeners, Tweenials — you can be sure that these youngest workers and the technologies they bring to work will further infuence the way the rest of us Mil- learnnials work and want to learn. 'Te major motivators today should be agility, speed and fexibility.' —Todd Tauber, Bersin by Deloitte

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