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30 September / October 2014 Elearning! Learning! 100 Today's federal leaders must possess skills beyond the basics of building coali- tions and managing change within their agencies. Tey must be talented in build- ing strong networks of peers and experts across agencies and private industry with whom they can tackle the volatile, uncer- tain, chaotic and ambiguous challenges that face them on a daily basis. Tey must engender trust and have the abil- ity to engage those they lead. Tey must possess business acumen and technical literacy. Te world has changed. Te gov- ernment's workforce must be equipped with global competencies to meet the challenges of the 21st century. With a mission to develop visionary leaders to transform government, the U.S. Ofce of Personnel Management's Center for Leadership Development (CLD) ofers a full range of leadership development options delivered in a va- riety of formats from resident to virtual delivery that includes mentoring and coaching supported by online communi- ties of practice. Te CLD ofers courses and programs designed to develop outstanding fed- eral leaders able to drive organizational excellence. "Our learning development programs provide a continuum of profes- sional development designed for emerg- ing leaders, team leaders, supervisors, managers and executives creating career- long leadership development options," says Dr. Suzanne Logan, OPM deputy associate director for CLD and director of the Federal Executive Institute. One example of a world-known pro- gram within the CLD is, the Leadership for a Democratic Society program deliv- ered at the Federal Executive Institute. It is one of the most successful leadership development programs ever conceived for federal leaders. Its participants are found in senior leader positions across the U.S. and in other countries' governments. Te CLD provides: >> Professional leadership development at all leadership levels for efective succession management. >> Networking and sharing of best prac- tices among agencies. >> Proven Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) certifcate pro- grams designed for leaders from team leaders through seasoned govern- ment professionals. >> Te world-renowned Leadership for a Democratic Society program for GS-15s and Senior Executive Service (SES) members. >> An expanding portfolio of workshops for SES throughout their executive career focused on the Federal Execu- tive Core Competencies and current issues appropriate for senior leaders. Tousands of federal employees are in- volved in CLD professional development each year. Open-enrollment oferings of courses and programs are designed to meet the development needs common across agencies and ofen include inter- national participation. Tey provide not only exceptional professional leadership development but also opportunities to network with both peers and experts. Single-agency courses and programs are custom-designed and delivered to meet a particular agency's leadership develop- ment needs. EVER DEVELOPING To keep pace with 21st-century global challenges, OPM is tasked to expand and enhance key government-wide work- force development solutions in partner- ship with the White House and federal agencies. It is also working with agencies to develop a cross-government continu- ing leadership development curriculum and to provide executive development guidance and best practices. Te CLD continuum of leadership development courses and programs are positioned to be a model for federal leadership de- velopment and serve as an interagency solution to equip the federal workforce with tools necessary to succeed in our ever-changing environment. U.S. OPM is a four-time Learning! 100 honoree. U.S. Offce of Personnel Management: Developing World-Class Leaders AREA OF EXCELLENCE C U LT U R E

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