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Elearning! September / October 2014 31 Scripps Health Offers New Nurses Experiential Learning Because the nationwide demand for nurses is expected to increase dramatical- ly as baby boomers age, stafng forecasts indicate Scripps Health will need to hire and train at least 180 new grads per year. In order to comply with this demand, the organization devised its New Gradu- ate RN Residency Dedicated Education Unit (DEU), a collaborative efort between Scripps Center for Learning & Innovation and Scripps nursing leadership. Te pro- gram enhances orientation and on-board- ing for new graduate nurses by providing experiential learning guided by trained clinical coaches in a patient care unit de- signed to optimize this process. Te pro- gram creates standardized practices among new nurses, facilitates their transition from nursing school to professional clinical prac- tice, and helps them develop efective criti- cal thinking and decision-making skills. "Experiential learning goes outside the classroom," says Stephanie Becerra, senior director of the Scripps Center for Learn- ing & Innovation. "We put the learners in an environment that actually gives them an opportunity to practice while fostering further development with coach support and refection with their peers." In alignment with a key Scripps workforce objective to increase access to new RNs, the DEU program serves as a major pipeline for the Scripps system, with the ultimate objective of producing approximately 60 competent new graduate RNs each year. Two cohorts of six new graduates complete the program every 10 weeks and are then placed in a permanent patient care unit. Tis program also supports Scripps' goal of continually improving the quality of care and safety of patients. Training new graduates to become well-prepared, confdent and committed Scripps nurses improves their skills, knowledge and per- formance, and results in higher levels of satisfaction and retention. Te demand for nurses is expected to increase dramatically as baby boom- ers age. Per a 2013 national benchmark survey, 55 percent of the national RN workforce is age 50 or older. At Scripps, the average RN age of 44 is not far behind. Tirty percent of Scripps' bedside nurses are over age 50, and 81 percent of nurses over age 50 are in direct patient care roles. Retention of new graduate nurses is also a major challenge. Te frst year of nursing practice can be traumatic and stressful. Disparities between the student role and the staf nurse role create profes- sional and personal struggles, with 30 percent leaving their frst job within one year and 57 percent within two years. Among new nurses who lef their posi- tions, 73 percent centered on issues relat- ed to the workplace, with stressful work environment being cited most frequently, followed by lack of good management and inadequate stafng. Scripps designed the DEU program to achieve higher levels of satisfaction and retention among new graduate nurses and improve performance. Te 12-month program is divided into two phases. Phase One consists of nine months on a dedicated education unit with emphasis on developing knowledge and critical thinking skills while building a con- fdent and competent practice within the Scripps care model. It also ensures standardization of practice in the train- ing and development of the new nurse. A critical aspect of this experience is pair- ing the new grad with a dedicated clinical coach who has specialized training to provide structured support. Tese coach- es validate skills and knowledge needed to practice independently and provide consistent feedback on the resident's strengths, needs, and individual perfor- mance goals. Phase Two of the program consists of a facilitated transition plan to the new graduate's assigned home unit. Because of its success, the DEU was recently featured as a best practice in Te Advisory Board's annual report and acknowledged by the Leader's Board and Human Capital Institute. Scripps Health is a four-time Learning! 100 honoree. INNOVATION AREA OF EXCELLENCE

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