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Elearning! September / October 2014 39 RETAIL SALES SUCCESSES DRIVE FURTHER DEVELOPMENT OF CUSTOMIZED PROGRAMS ADI, a Honeywell Company, is a lead- ing wholesale distributor of security and low-voltage products with 100 branch locations across North America. Recognizing that employee train- ing was of utmost importance to the company's success, it evolved from very little training just a few short years ago to a true learning culture. And, with the implementation of ADI University, that emphasis on training is paying of. "Our Voice of the Customer surveys show clearly that our customers believe we are more knowledgeable than our competition," says Linda Caroleo Jack, ADI's director of Learning. "And our sales revenue has continued to rise year afer year since we implemented ADI University. Te program has been so successful that our counterpart in ADI EMEA is implementing ADI University in their area of the world and is replicat- ing many of our courses. ADI APAC, which has already launched several of our courses, has reported that the cours- es have made quite a diference for their sales force." Te company has instituted mandato- ry training every week, which consists of product and retail sales training courses. "Our three sales directors, [who] report to the VP of Sales, work with a sales training vendor, Retail Training Advocates, to customize their out-of- the-box training for ADI," says Jack. All sales employees are required to take one of the sales modules every two weeks. Homework assignments with every module require the learners to meet with their customers, apply the techniques, and enter the customer name, date, techniques used, and the results in the learning management system (LMS). "At the end of the two-week period, reports are run, and one salesperson is chosen from each region. Tat person receives a call from, or meets with, a manager who has reviewed his/her results entry in ADI University. Tey discuss the results to- gether, and the manager provides some one-on-one coaching. Past sales training courses for feld per- sonnel and managers were excellent, Jack notes, but she kept hearing from the feld that "for those doing inside sales (our branches are similar to retail environ- ments) the scenarios didn't always ft." She wanted to give the sales force the best and most appropriate sales training she could, to help them be successful. Afer conducting some market research, Jack found excellent out-of-the-box retail sales training. She then asked the sales directors to work with Retail Training Advocates to customize this training so that it was very specifc to ADI. "Afer branch visits, meetings with upper management, and some photo shoots, Retail Training Advocates started customizing training," she says. "Te sales directors worked with Retail's personnel until we had an excellent set of e-learning modules. Believing that applying the techniques is the best way to learn, for each module I worked with Retail Training Advocates to develop [compatible] homework assignments. We created what they call 'Personal Ac- tion Plan Results' felds in our LMS so that the learners could enter the results of their customer contacts when they used the newly learned techniques." Jack also added job aids that were attached to the modules. "Our retail sales training has received rave reviews from all levels of the sales force," Jack concludes. "It is going so well that our sales directors are currently working with Retail Training Advocates to develop Phase II of this training, and our revenue has gone up year over year." ADI, a Honeywell Co., is a frst-time Learning! 100 honoree. ADI University Spurs New Commitment to Learning AREA OF EXCELLENCE C U LT U R E Sales directors worked with Retail Training Advocates to customize out-of- the-box training so it was specifc to ADI.

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