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Elearning! September / October 2014 45 4 Questions for… …MICHAEL FLINK, PRESIDENT OF ADI, AND LINDA CAROLEO JACK, DIRECTOR OF LEARNING FOR ADI ADI is a division of Honeywell WHAT WAS THE STRATEGY AROUND YOUR ORGANIZATION'S LEARNING TRANSFORMATION? FLINK: As a leading distributor of security and low-voltage products, our team processes more than 12,000 transactions per day, and we ofer more than 100,000 products. With so many new products and technologies becoming available, it was a hard task to educate our 750+ team of sales professionals to fully support all the technologies we ofer. Te training we were providing was inconsistent and didn't provide the right foundation to successfully support the growth of our company. We knew that in order to invest in the long-term future of ADI, we frst needed to invest in our employees — which is why we developed ADI University and transformed into a learning culture. WHAT STEPS DID YOU TAKE TO DEVELOP YOUR TRAINING PROGRAM? FLINK: Te frst step we took in building a world-class learning culture was hiring an experienced director, Linda Jack, to lead the initiative. Linda helped us defne the overall strategy of the program, identify key objectives and determine the most efcient way to engage our employees and track results. Te ADI University learning management system was designed with a blended learning approach us- ing e-learning, Web instructor-led, industry certifcation training, and coaching and mentoring prin- ciples. We built an online portal to serve as the infrastructure to house, track and manage all employee training activities. Trough the online portal, employees have easy access to training programs that are personalized for them, and we can measure and track the results. Linda and her team collaborate with our product management, sales and support teams to combine diferent knowledge areas to deliver quality content and a comprehensive learning solution. HOW DO YOU KEEP EMPLOYEES ENGAGED? JACK: Te best thing we did was to help our employees understand the benefts of the training and the investment we made in them. ADI University has been a cultural change for the organization, and we required full participation from employees from entry-level associates to senior executives. Dedicated time is set each week for the team to participate in training, and so far it has been well received. We also make sure we are delivering content that is relevant and en- gaging. We hold regular meetings with our sales leadership team to get input on what topics would be most useful to the team. Our leadership team spends time coaching the sales staf and reinforc- ing the concepts learned in the courseware. As part of the learn- ing experience, employees participate in rigorous testing exercises to ensure they've gained a full understanding of the topics. HOW HAS THE TRAINING PROGRAM IMPACTED YOUR BUSINESS? FLINK: We've received great feedback on the training, and more customers are using ADI's sales force for help with product se- lection and as a resource to the latest technologies. We conduct yearly customer satisfaction surveys, and results have shown that customer satisfaction has gone up and the knowledge level of our sales staf has greatly increased. Afer one year since we incorpo- rated the training, ADI has had its best year in its 27-year history. Tere have also been numerous requests from our customers to provide them with access to the ADI University, and we have plans to expand the program in the future. Michael Flink President ADI Linda Caroleo Jack Director of Learning ADI

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