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Elearning! September / October 2014 5 >> News 9 'Best of Elearning!' Finalists 9 Software Embraces E-learning 10 Mobile Recruiting Lags 10 Grad Certifcate in E-learning >> Management 15 Leader's View Chip Ramsey, CEO and president of Intellum, believes that enterprise software is sometimes overly complex. Simplifcation and adoption of social- based learning are two trends making their mark on learning and training technology. 24 Facebook is Designing Learning for 'Millearnnials' Millennials don't have special brains that somehow make them learn in different ways from the rest. The truth is, corporate learning would be a rapidly evolving event without the infux of young employees. Case in point: Facebook. By Linda Galloway 29 How the Learning! 100 Drive Enterprise Performance Discover how organizations across corporate and public sectors are re- engineering learning to drive business performance and organizational impact. Some are killing email for social tribes, some are tapping volunteers to spread the knowledge, and a few are changing lives. By Jerry Roche 45 Learning! 100 Leader's View Michael Flink, president of ADI, and Linda Caroleo Jack, director of Learning for ADI, talk about transforming organizational learning and employee engagement. But it all starts with the learning culture. >> Tools & Practices 43 Training in Native Language In terms of safety training, comprehension increases when learners can give their complete attention to the content without needing to mentally convert the information into their frst language. 46 Content Curation What is content curation? It's a concept that is integral to a successful learning strategy, as proven by Andi Campbell and the learning professionals at LAZ Parking. By Linda Galloway 48 From the Middle Up In a conversation with Michelle Maldonado, Dr. Wendy Combs discusses how Dignity Health creates strong links between succession pipelines and frontline managers. >> Business 8 Editor's Note What is wisdom? It's realizing what you don't know, and this month's Learning! 100 tells us a lot about what we haven't known — until now. By Jerry Roche 11 Trendlines Statistics, fgures and industry trends 50 Pop Quiz Are you Mensa material? 50 Ad/Edit Index PG 46 PG 43

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