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2 When Cricket Wireless merged with Aio Wireless, approximately how many people in the new company's sphere were touched by the new training initiative? a) 17,000 b) 20,000 c) 101,000 d) 1.6 million 3 In January of this year, about how many active users did Facebook have? a) 500 million b) 777 million c) 1 billion d) 1.23 billion 4 According to OSHA, about what percentage of job-related accidents can be attributed to language barriers? a) 25% b) 50% c) 67% d) none of the above 1 Who is not a keynote speaker at the Executive Learning Conference in Anaheim, Calif., Aug. 25-27? a) Shirdad Chamine b) Sen. Barbara Boxer c) Jeanne Meister d) David Price 5 Which is the top industry for e-learning, based on the percentage of companies that use e-learning strategies? a) Software b) Health care c) I.T. Services d) Railroad 6 By what percentage are Big Data investments projected to grow in the next six years? a) 7% b) 17% c) 45% d) 55% 7 What is the average annual compensation package for a person engaged in information technology in the U.S.? a) $66,000 b) $92,000 c) $120,000 d) none of the above Do You Make the Grade? ADI, a Honeywell Co. www.adiglobal.com American Management Association www.ama.org Best of Elearning! 2014 http://www.2elearning.com/awards/ best-of-elearning-awards Cricket Wireless www.cricketwireless.com eMarketer.com www.emarketer.com Emporia State University www.emporia.edu Facebook facebook.com Intellum www.intellum.com Learning! 100 awards www.2elearning.com/awards/learning- 100-awards Mindfash www.mindfash.com SNS Research www.reportbuyer.com Underwriters Lab www.ul.com AD INDEX ADI p 44 http://adiglobal.us APU p 3 www.apus.edu Enterprise Learning! Events p 51 www.2elearning.com/events Intellum p 2, 52 www.intellum.com KnowledgeVision p 23 www.knowledgevision.com Scripps Health p 28 www.scripps.org Shaw Industries p 14 http://shawfoors.com TalentQuest p 17 www.talentquest.com UL p 7 www.ul.com Vi p 13 www.viliving.com Editorial Index Elearning! magazine is published bi-monthly by B2B Media Company LLC, PO Box 5417 Oceanside, CA 92052-5417. Application to mail Standard Class is fled with Sheppardville, KY Post Offce. POSTMASTER: Send all address changes to: Elearning! PO Box 5417 Oceanside, CA 92052-5417. Subscriptions are free to qualifed professionals in the USA. All international or non-qualifed sub- scriptions can receive Elearning! e-zine complimentary by ordering at http://www.2elearning.com/reg/choose. Elearning! magazine is a trademark of B2B Media Company. All rights are reserved. Answers 1) b; 2) b; 3) d; 4) a; 5) a; 6) b; 7) b Results: 6-7 correct makes you Mensa material. 4-5 correct means you are a skimmer — and can learn oh-so much more. Fewer than 4? This issue is your Sunday reading assignment. Try again! 50 September / October 2014 Elearning!

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