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What Is Wisdom? THE LEARNING! 100 CAN HELP WITH WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW Note Editor's I t has been said that "knowledge is wisdom." But it also was said that "wisdom is realizing what you don't know." Inside this 2014 Learning! 100 Awards issue, we share insights — some of which you don't know — from some of the top learning organizations in the world today. "When I moved to the U.S., the three words that became vital to me were, 'I don't know.' I accepted that I didn't know and accepted that if I did know, things would get better," Garry Ridge, CEO of WD- 40, once said. "I surrounded myself with people who were competent and gave them the freedom to be heard. I always listen with the intent of being infuenced." (WD-40 is a 2014 Learning! 100 winner, and Ridge is one of the speakers at the upcoming Enterprise Learning! Conference.) All 100 of these winning organizations have knowledge to share, which Elearning! will publish over the next 12 months. Here are two insights: "Everyone doesn't learn the same way with a single method of delivery," says Donna Lehmann of First Insight Corp. "Our learning options include documentation, phone trainings, videos, webinars — live and recorded — and onsite education to educate our client base. We customize the phone trainings to ft the needs of our clients, and we even connect a trainer to their computer to show how it's done live. It's like having your own personalized trainer sitting right next to you." Bank Hapoalim, Israel's largest bank, decided to remove the term "LMS" and instead frame learn- ing around a whole new culture. Te company's Learning Solutions Unit manager Eran Netzer notes: "Our new learning concept is aimed to provide the employee with relevant, very short, job-oriented e-learning units to maintain readiness and competence. Our learning objects are small units of learn- ing that can be taken independently. Tey are reusable for multiple purposes and tagged with metadata, enabling them to be easily retrieved. Tis is a new learning culture that enhances performance by using special features of the technological platform. Our learning culture is supported by the technological capabilities of the new learning system and enables our employees to be ready, able and willing to meet the challenges facing us." While doing the research and contacting people afliated with the learning programs of companies spotlighted in this issue, I realized many things I didn't know before (but know now). We hope you, too, realize some of the things you don't know afer reading the 2014 Learning! 100 Awards issue. And join us for more learning opportunities throughout the year. —Jerry Roche Editorial director 8 September / October 2014 Elearning!

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