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Elearning! December 2016 / January 2017 43 Honoree Spotlight SOCIAL LEARNING Winner: Bizlibrary Community PRODUCT INFORMATION With up to five different generations present in a workplace, people see the world and the way it works differently. is can create conflict about how to complete tasks, reach goals, or run the organization. e challenge is harnessing conflicting viewpoints and ideas and turning them into cooperative creativity for how to be both productive and innovative. An important first step to bringing together a variety of talents and ideas is recognizing the similarities that connect people. Finding common interests, beliefs, or skills (whether work-related or not) can create a bridge over a generational division that energizes collaboration, innovation and problem-solving. To find those commonalities, it's important for coworkers to be willing to think from a perspective different from their own, taking others' life experiences into account and how that affects their viewpoint. With an RSS feed, community members receive HR and employee training news, tips and best practices delivered straight to their inboxes. WHAT USERS SAY >> "Works two ways: internal for our employees and even smaller teams, but also for L&D professionals who are a part of the community to ask questions and share recommendations." >> "Easy way to get updates from the vendor and share best practices with other customers of BizLibrary." EMAIL ande@bizlibrary.com MOBILE AUTHORING Award of Excellence: DominKnow Learning Sys. Flow PRODUCT INFORMATION Flow is content-authoring soware that outputs fully responsive and adaptive HTML5-conformant content that automatically adjusts depending on the screen a user views it on. Flow is built it on the same engine that powers DominKnow's award-winning Claro. It not only offers responsive content that changes and re- arranges according to the device one views it on. It also gives authors the ability to choose what content gets delivered, thus adapting to the user's device for a more meaningful and contextual end-user experience. And it does all of this in a Web-based authoring environment that allows for collaborative development, sharing and re-use of resources, and anywhere, anytime, any platform access. WHAT USERS SAY >> "A new authoring tool integrated in the Claro LCMS." >> "Fully responsive with excellent, new thinking functionalities that allow you to produce truly responsive content that does not only make the content bigger/ smaller, but that actually totally adapts the content to the screen size." PHONE (613) 800-8733 OUTSOURCED LEARNING SERVICES Award of Excellence: Skillsoft Learning Services PRODUCT INFORMATION Skillsoft begins by developing a personalized e-learning program in conjunction with each client's strategies, culture and events to leverage best practices — then working to maximize e-learning success. Skillsoft e-learning consultants, customer support and application engineers provide core program support services — a fundamental value-add. These teams deliver the expert e-learning services and advice to help clients establish general strategies for deployment and adoption of powerful learning programs. WHAT USERS SAY >> "Tremendous catalog." "Whenever I ask for something, they say 'we will handle that'...I come back and it's done." >> "e instructors are fantastically knowledgeable." PHONE (866) 757-3177

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