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18 Elearning! December 2016 / January 2017 5 >> Essentials 8 Salary Raises for 2017 9 Learning! 100 Call for Applications 10 Where Top Talent Goes 11 Leadership Shortage Ahead >> Management 12 Leader's View The era of the serial leaner has arrived. They are curious, always reaching, making connections and seeking new experiences. This is the future workforce. Are you prepared? By Jeanne Meister 16 The Science of Learning Are you preparing your workforce for the business challenges of tomorrow? Organizations who deliver the best, most engaging, effective employee training today are going to be tomorrow's winners in the marketplace. By Dean Pichee 26 Engaging the Millennial Workforce at Express By 2025, 46 percent of the workforce will be Millennials. At Express, the future is now. Express identified an opportunity to evolve its talent management strategy for its primarily Millennial-aged employees while becoming a fashion authority for both men and women. By Claire Johnson 51 The Secret to High- performing Teams: Strong Managers While 96% of HR pros agree that managers are vital to driving business success, fewer than half say their business adequately invests in developing front-line managers. Fight the trend: help improve organizational performance and employee engagement with these three key activities. >> Tools & Practices 47 3 Steps to Modernize Your Learning Technology Considering replacing your LMS? You're not alone! But what if you didn't necessarily need to replace your LMS to achieve those goals? What if you could find a flexible technology solution that worked with and around your LMS? Welcome to the modern learning ecosystem. By Nick Washburn 48 70:20:10 - What's All the Hype About One cannot reach proficiency or even mastery without doing. Period. The more complex the skill, the more practice needed. Bottom line- formal training is important to lay some ground work and serve as a guide. Doing the job is where the development and progress happens. By Cindy Pascale 49 5 Tips for Maximizing Your Learning Content Much of today's learning material remains trapped in traditional formal vehicles like e-learning courses or presentations. But it doesn't have to be that way. By Luke Hickey 52 Forgetting is Easy Learners forget 70% of what they learn over a 24-hour period, so organizations need to find ways to reinforce their training to realize positive results. By Ryan Eudy 53 Top E-learning Trends of 2016 2016 was an interesting time for learning and development and we're excited to recount some of the most notable trends of the year. Industry advancements in the E-learning space included micro-learning, gamification and Virtual Reality. By Diane Haines 55 Enabling Modern Learners: Think Mobile, Micro and Learner-centric Today's competitive landscape requires workers who can learn and apply knowledge faster than ever. Spending on corporate training has grown to $70 billion in the U.S. Has this increased investment taught us the best way to teach today's workforce? By Kieran King >> Business 7 Editor's Note What's on your corporate learning wish list? By Catherine Upton 10 Trendlines Statistics, figures and industry trends 12 Leader's View The Era of the Serial Learner By Jeanne Meister 13 Business of Learning Is the Fractal Organization your next collaborative ecosystem? By David Coleman 16 Science of Learning Preparing your workforce for tomorrow's business challenges By Dean Pichee 17 Virtual Edge Engaging Learners with VR By Daniel O'Brien 31 New Products 99 Best of Elearning! Solutions 57 The Last Word The Top Ten Learning Solutions By Catherine Upton

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